What is digital marketing: Digital marketing answers the question, of how to reach a customer on the internet. how to build a long-term relationship? How to encourage online shopping?

There are many sub-areas under the umbrella of digital marketing. In short, it is marketing that takes place through modern channels such as Google search, websites, social networks, email, PPC ads, and mobile applications.

The buying behavior has changed. Digital marketing helps.

For example, when you shop first you google about a product, then you make a decision. If you want to see a friend you haven’t talked to in five years, you’ll go on Facebook and arrange a drink. When you want to send the catalog to the client you will send it via email. You will take a picture with your phone and share it with your Instagram followers.

Today, people spend a good portion of their time online. They are connected to the internet via desktops, tablets, and phones. The Internet has become a major means of information and information exchange. All these trends have led to a change in purchasing behavior.

How Does Digital Marketing Help?

Digital marketing helps to bring the company into this process subtly, not aggressively, and reaches the customer. Digital marketing is much more accurate than traditional forms, communication is also facilitated.

Not only is TV advertising expensive, but it also interrupts you in your favorite activity. For example, you watch game of thrones your favorite series, and Stop commercials. Laundry Powder, Dietary Supplements, Drinks, Food… This is not digital marketing. It’s interruption marketing.

When an ad pops up on your Facebook, you can scroll right away or tell them to stop showing. After that, they will do their best not to throw out any more similar ads. When you read business emails and your promotional email arrives, you can spam. Interruption is minimized, and end-user experience comes first.

Why are the sales funnel essentially for digital marketing?

Digital marketing starts with the sales funnel. Without a carefully placed sales funnel, digital marketing cannot work nicely.

The funnel at the top is the widest, the lower becomes narrower. The upper stage of the marketing funnel is getting to know your brand. There are most people here. People find us through non-aggressive Facebook ads, social media posts, blog posts, google ads, etc.

Here, strangers become acquaintances and move into the lower phase of the funnel, the rope. However, not all pages will become acquaintances but one part. There are fewer people here than in the previous phase. Acquaintances start consuming your content. We use retargeting here because we want to strengthen the relationship, bring them back to the site, and move some of them down.

Some of these people will become interested in our products and we can offer them a free webinar, demo product, and free book in exchange for an email. When they leave the email, they become the lead. Potential buyer.

We include leads in our email campaign, retargeting again, but now we are sending them to the sales page of our website. Only here do we actually sell.

Whoever comes out of the other end of the funnel is the buyer. There are the least people at this stage. However, the process is reversed and that is how we make money.

Content marketing

Digital marketing is unthinkable without quality content. The main purpose of generating quality content is to get acquainted with the brand, demonstrate knowledge, take a place in awareness and build relationships.

On the other hand, we help people easily access all the information and solutions they need.

By helping others, we are actually helping ourselves. Google recognizes quality content and ranks your site better on search. In order for PPC commercials to work great, good background content is required.

On social networks, quality content gets more likes, comments, and shares. All of this leads to an increase in the number of escorts.

Digital marketing and storytelling.

Storytelling or storytelling is a powerful digital marketing tool. Parents tell children stories, and later children watch cartoons when they grow up reading books, watching movies, and eventually, these children tell their children a story.

Our focus is always on whoever tells the story. It’s innate, instinctive.

This is simply one way of storing information. Stories hold our attention. The moment someone tells us a life story, then we feel empathy. This is even about creating a stronger connection.

When we tell a story we do not mean lying. Easy to pack information to be engaging, drinkable, and easy to imagine visually.

It is necessary to pay attention to these three elements of hook, tang, and untangle.

The Importance of SEO Optimization for Digital Marketing

SEO is a set of processes that affect the visibility of a site on Google search. For digital marketing, the importance of ranking on Google is invaluable. The first part we call on-page SEO, we optimize our site, and our content to rank well for certain keywords.

This includes creating content ie blogs. Keyword research. SEO requires basic Html knowledge. Content must be created in HTML. Title tags, meta description, Schema.org, sitemap, properly placed headers, and subheaders h1 h2 h3, quick page opening, mobile-friendly, HTTPS or SSL security protocol, the keyword must be in URLs, etc. For a local business, it is necessary to do local SEO.

The second part is about off-page SEO, which represents actions off our site. These include link building, guest blogging, and social media promotion.

While Google Adwords pay for the number one spot on Google search, with SEO optimization things go differently, we have quality content, we provide a solution to the problem and we get a good ranking on Google for free.

Digital Marketing on Social Networking.

Social networks are an integral part of digital marketing and a great way to reach potential customers and raise brand awareness. We use them for the above parts of the sales funnel and the promotion of content.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Snapchat represent the perfect business opportunity to reach a huge number of people. When choosing platforms, it is important to know their demographics and their intended destination. For example, if teens are your target group, then, of course, Snapchat would be a better choice than Linkedin.

Most people always think about big numbers. At that point, most are wrong. For a business to be successful online, only a tiny fraction of the huge user base of these platforms is needed. It’s always better to have 1000 closely targeted escorts than 100k random escorts. Only closely targeted escorts can break into the sales funnel. That’s where the money lies.

Without email marketing, there is no digital marketing.

They say money is in the email list and they are right. An email list is the property of the company. When we have email lists we are not so susceptible to changes in external factors (the example of Facebook from today you pay to see you).

An email subscriber is much more valuable than a companion. In most cases, leaving an e-mail is a step before buying. We use email marketing in the lower stage of the sales funnel and can also be used to promote content.

It is essential to use popular reputable services like Mail Chimp. Emails sent from the servers of low-cost providers often end up in spam because of their bad reputation. For small business needs Mail Chimp’s basic suite is perfect up to the first 2000 subscribers is free.

There are two ways to build an email list. The first is by providing a free PDF book, webinar, coupon, or tutorial in exchange for an email. All a visitor has to do is leave their email and download a PDF book for example. After that, he becomes a lead.

Another way is to an opt-in page. Landing page for collecting emails. Here we use storytelling, social proof, and case studies to persuade a visitor to sign up for the newsletter.

Google Adwords

For example, you broke a pipe and you need an emergency, a plumber at Google, a London plumber. Here’s the perfect opportunity for a digital marketing expert to place a Google ad.

First, paid ads come out first. With Google Adwords, we place these ads. Below paid ads will come out with the best content that Google thinks will answer your query. However, it is an SEO job.

At Adwords, we are fighting for a specific auction keyword (In the above example, “Plumber London”). It functions on the principle of who is willing to pay more. Like a really small auction.

However, one who is not always ready to pay more always wins. The quality score is also an important factor. This score represents the most relevant ad and the best leading page for a user who queries Google.

Based on these factors, ad rank and keyword position are formed. Before placing an ad, it is necessary to determine the goal of the campaign, competition analysis, keyword analysis, and writing quality click-catching advertising.

Fb ads

Facebook is the ideal advertising platform. With AdWords the most powerful. With Facebook ads, we can easily generate leads and convert customers. They work great with both B2B and B2C channels. We can use these advertisements in different parts of the sales funnel.

Digital marketing is unthinkable without Facebook ads. We can target by age and gender, place of living, the language they speak, the interest they have shown in the past, retarget email lists, and people who have been active on our Instagram profile.

If we want to hit the bottom of the funnel we need to retarget and place Facebook pixels on the site. A pixel is a small piece of code that is inserted between the code on a website. If you use WordPress, find a plugin that makes it easy to implement.

Pixel allows you to retarget and capture actions that people have taken on your site. For example, shopping, subscriptions, cart, etc. For example, I want to target Facebook users who have logged into my website in the last 30 days. I want to hit the people who entered the service station, etc.

Influencer marketing

A very popular way to reach your target audience. We do not address this directly but use an influencer that will do it for us.

An influencer means a person who has built an “influence” on companions over the years. This can be an authority, a field expert, a celebrity, an analyst, a journalist, etc. It needs to have an impact on companions.

When we say influence we mean the power to influence their purchasing decisions. However, care should be taken that the budget is not spent on bad inflation. They have no influence on their companions or their target group is broad and does not match our target group.

It is important that the influencer target group matches ours. Only then does this form of marketing work.

Here’s a fantastic example of how influencer marketing works. The video shows how the most famous husky in the world Loki (loki_the_wolfdog on Instagram) and his owner Kelly Lund ride in the snow in a Mercedes jeep. The video was shot in 360 technology.

Affiliate Marketing

A business model where we promote someone else’s product online, if we manage to sell we get a commission. We get a link from the parent company. This link should lead to potential buyers. They can see how many people you brought and how many people bought.

With this model, the company increases brand awareness and sales while reducing costs for digital marketing. In addition to all of the above, she gets a free promotion. It is enough to have an army of salespeople, even if some fail to sell raise brand awareness.

For sellers, on the other hand, this is a unique opportunity to make money online. The benefits are risk avoidance if the product does not break through, no customer service touchpoints, and full support from the parent company.


A blog is an online place where you can express your thoughts and share them with the world. This is the website where your texts are located.

People who are blogging are called bloggers. There are various types of blogs for fashion, fitness, culinary, travel, sports, etc. Each blog is known for a specific topic. Bloggers generally make money from influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, or shopping.

However, digital marketing experts have recognized the potential of the blog. They began to view the blog as a means of driving traffic to the website. A business that owns a blog that regularly releases texts will rank better on Google (combined with SEO). From a sales funnel perspective, the blog works perfectly in the upper parts of the sales funnel.

The blog creates a closer connection, brand awareness, authority, and influence and creates a need for people to return to the website.