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HermoDesign is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Zajecar, Serbia. Don’t waste your time … Contact us Right Now!
Agencija za Digitalni Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency

Want To Start An Online Business?

You have decided to start your business online! That’s good, but the competition is too great for you to do without a good plan.

Agencija za Digitalni Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency

Need an efficient website?

We have a great team of experts, who according to the latest Google recommendations and standards, will do it for you.

Agencija za Digitalni Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency

Is your website invisible online?

You have invested money and effort in building a website, but it is not on the first page of Google searches. That's not good!

Agencija za Digitalni Marketing

Want more users in your local environment?

Everything is ok now, but you would like to have more potential users/customers in your immediate area. That's easy.

HermoDesign digital marketing agency offers SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of getting high and quality organic traffic on search engines, web development, and graphic design.


SEO Is Important

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a procedure for improving your website's position in search engine results.

Almost 90.88% of web pages are invisible on Google !? can you believe?

Websites are constantly analyzed and it is concluded that the vast majority of them are invisible to users when searching for certain terms on the internet.

Should you be in that invisible majority of 91%? Do you need to be unsuccessful?

Without Search Engine Optimization, Corporate Image, or business success or earning, will probably be unsuccessful.

Paid search participates with only 6% of keyword clicks! So, organic searches are still stressed most of the internet traffic.

Organic search is where your target audience is already searching. If you’re not there now, customers will find your competition instead.

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HermoDesign, Digital Marketing Agency


4 steps to build a successful digital marketing strategy

This four-step approach will help organizations build a digital marketing strategy designed to increase their online presence and attract new customers.


Environment Analysis


Definition Of Objectives


Action Plan


Monitoring & Control

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Digital Marketing Agency
Agencija za digitalni marketing - Digital Marketing Agency
Agencija za digitalni marketing - Digital Marketing Agency
Agencija za digitalni marketing - Digital Marketing Agency

Who are we?

HermoDesign - Digital Marketing Agency from Serbia

Hermo Design is a digital marketing agency based in East Serbia, specializing in SEO, website development, and corporate image. It consists of a team of professionals who have years of experience in graphic designweb design and SEO. Our overriding activity is the design and development of web sites, graphic design, prepress and production of multimedia presentations.

What do we offer?

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Our digital marketing methodology is demonstrated to drive traffic while expanding leads and conversions.

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We carefully develop adaptable and responsive websites that are customized for each client’s specific needs.

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We structure adaptable, natural UIs that emphasize exclusively the end client's enthusiastic association with the application.

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Having established the optimal user experience (UX), any intuitive design must be flexible enough to absorb change as needed.


Our digital marketingagency has more than 15 years of intensive experience in the web development, construction, and promotion of small, medium, and corporate businesses. More than 1000 realized projects in the previous decade are a guarantee of our success. You can see our references here.

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HermoDesign consists of a group of expert people who’ve years of work in digital marketing, graphic design, and web design. Our overriding interest is the design and improvement of websites, search engine optimization, photo layout, prepress, and manufacturing of multimedia content.

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Perfect Analysis

An SEO analysis assists you to make strategic decisions to improve your web site's ranking in SERP.

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Expert Team Member

We're a diverse team of SEO professionals, with 15+ years of experience. We have a very gifted team of organic search professionals.

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Boost Sales

To growth sales, you could introduce new products or services, enlarge your marketplace, boom your marketing sports or improve customer support.

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Work Dedication​

We work dedicatedly and present an example of appropriate cooperation of commercial companies from the very beginning. If you want to improve your business results, feel free to contact us.

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Corporate Image

Corporate image, or popularity, describes the manner in which an organization, its activities, and its services or products are perceived by outsiders. We will build it for you.

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24/7 Support

If you are wide awake, we are too. When you need help, our group of experts works directly with you through our 24/7 customer support to attain a quick and efficient decision.

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SEO Services for Your Business

We will enable your organization to expand your rankings, leads, and quicken your income growth.

HermoDesign – Digital Marketing Agency

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