A lot of businesses and websites try to optimise their site to appear on the Top 10 of Google which is completely understandable. The first several positions on the first Top 10 -10 of Google bring in a high amount of organic search traffic. However, recent studies have shown that you’re better off being top of the second page than bottom of the first.10

With the “Canny Creative” website I noticed a dramatic drop in web traffic when the site broke through from the top of the second page onto the bottom of the first. Visitor count dropped off and only started picking back up when page was making it’s way above the fold into the fifth to first positions of Google.

If you’re trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword such as design, design agency etc, and you don’t think you have a hope in trying to rank above the fold on page one, you should aim for the very top of the second page and try and maintain your rank there.