Whilst not the be-all and end of keyword research and checking how many specific searches your keywords get every month, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a very solid starting point.

The keyword tool allows you to check the monthly search volume for specific phrases. One of the best things about it is there’s no limit (that I’ve come across) to the number of keyword ideas that you can check with it. You can also check monthly searches by location giving you great insight to help make targeting specific areas and countries with your campaigns much easier.

Another of the benefits of the tool is that it also gives you a string of keyword suggestions. So if you’re burned out thinking about unique and different keywords to drive traffic to your site have a look at some of the suggestions and see if any of them will work for you.

Google offers a great variety of tools. If you’re serious about digging into your website’s optimization, I’d definitely grab yourself a Google account and make use of the Keyword Tool as well as Webmaster Tools and Analytics.

Summary: The Google Adwords Keyword Tool
The Keyword Planner tool supports various workflows for building ad groups and ad campaigns either starting from scratch, or based on your existing lists, and provides a more cohesive user experience than previous AdWords keyword tools by integrating the keyword selection, keyword grouping, keyword analysis and filtering aspects of the keyword selection workflow.