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Postal services around the world deliver millions of packages every day, but timely delivery can be costly, and online shipping is not available in many parts of the world.

Every day, millions of people travel across the globe to destinations where packages need to be delivered, or brought back from. WeDeliver connects travelers with people wanting to have packages delivered to, or brought back from locations around the world.

Travelers can earn money by requesting payment for delivering packages, and senders of packages can benefit from more timely and less costly delivery than other alternatives.

Travelers specify the source and destination of their travel, preferred times for pickup and dropoff, types of packages they are willing to deliver and the amount they wish to charge.

Senders specify the source and destination of their packages, preferred pickup and dropoff times, types of items they want delivered and the amount they are willing to pay

That’s it! WeDeliver matches travelers and senders so the package can get to it's final destination. Senders always know how much they will pay and when and where the package will be delivered and Travelers can make money while traveling.

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