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Platform: Joomla
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Version: 2

Provide up-to-date information in style your readers need

Whether you’re a budding journalist keeping the world informed, or a local team reporting on local issues, our News Joomla template could be the perfect foundation for your news website. Dynamic features keep your frontpage updated with the hottest stories, so you can focus entirely on making your reports the best they can be.

Since this is a theme for reporters, it needs to make adding new articles easy. The powerfulfeatures of the popular K2 component serves this need, whilst the information-packed frontpage relies on our remarkable free modules to make the difference.

Use the best Joomla news module to display articles in attractive way

Our flagship NSP extension is used to display articles in a multitude of ways, from text-only listings to image with title overlays and news snippets, there are hundreds of combinations and choices available for making your site different. It’s automated too; once it’s set up, you can decide which categories it should pull from and it will update itself automatically as new articles are written.

Additional modules provide that little bit extra; Weather GK4 includes real-time weather updates for the location of your choice, and Tabs can combine with News Show to highlight the biggest developments and latest comments; the choice is in your hands.