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Payoneer CardBecome a member for free and get $25

Payoneer is a paypal alternative. is handing out USD 25 if you register today, just click the image and sign up. Well so far so good, but what is Payoneer all about, and what are the use cases ? That is what I am going to explain in this post.

I have been using Payoneer for 6 years now, I did change 3 cards already because they expire every two years. If you are from a country where you are luck enough to have paypal you could simply pay or get paid through paypal. If you are from an country that does not support paypal, and you do not want to get into wire transfers, because of the cost, time you have to wait or you simply do not want to reveal your information, then Payoneer is the right choice.

How to get paid with Payoneer

Payoneer is used on all major freelance sites. I use it personally on Fiverr once I make some money I simply withdraw the money to my Payoneer card for free. Then it takes a couple of days and I can get cash money on any ATM in the world that supports Mastercard. I also use it for private freelance jobs, all that the employer has to do is go to the Load Money page on Payoneer and then load money into my account.  Once the money is in the account you can get withdraw it from any ATM. Employers on the other hand, can use it to pay freelancers who do not have paypal, apart from using it as a gift card, or for online purchases where privacy needs to be maintained.
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