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Joomla 3.7. What to expect?

Which new features turned out to be the most expected ones?

Joomla with custom fields We mean, Joomla already had this feature, but could only be added with the help of extensions which was, let’s say, less comfortable. How is this novelty helpful? Firstly, custom fields provide an additional and very specific information (it might be pricing, rating options, details about a certain user or any other value needed) on a separate article/post, etc. In this case, custom fields would be added to articles, users, and contact forms.

Let’s see how it looks like now:

There’s added a new ‘Fields’ item


Joomla 3.7 

You will be able to choose from various custom fields types (either it’s Text or Calendar, or anything else):  

 joomla 3.7

Note: There is a full list of possible custom fields, except those you might’ve seen above on a screen, like: Media, Article, Radio buttons, SQL, Telephone, Text, Text area, Time zone, URL, User, User group, Yes or No.

Assign it to an article, user or contact form:


Get a better glimpse regarding custom fields on Joomla’s GitHub

New Joomla Routing

+ Karma points to Joomla’s SEO options. The URLs structure now is more SEF friendly and readable, aimed to avoid the creation of URLs duplications.

Here’s an example to compare the old and new URLs structures:



Media Manager

With the release of Joomla 3.7, users will obtain expanded opportunities to manage and edit their uploaded images. Cropping, resizing, rotation, adding some basic filters would be available right on the website’s backend. With this feature implemented, you will also be able to create thumbnails of a certain size and add labels and tags to media files.

Log in with Facebook

Small but so significant improvement added. In Joomla 3.7, you might use a personal Facebook account to log into the Joomla-based website.


Changes in TinyMCE Editor

The editor comes with advanced new features which allow you to manage (like, adding, moving or removing) the control buttons and customize it according to your content creation needs. Find more details on this type of improvement in here.


Should we wait for the update release even more?

The answer would be ‘Yes.’ With each update, Joomla is obviously getting more flexible and provides more new features for better content creation, its management, and development.

Once we’ve wondered what’s the future of CMS (Joomla, of course, was one of the platforms considered) and decided to ask what do CMS experts think of it. Thus, we recommend you to check either experts’ thoughts and expectations correspond with what will be new in Joomla 3.7.

Would you be able to forget forever about Joomla cons with this quite promising update? You tell us.

As soon as there is a stable Joomla 3.7 release, CMS2CMS will offer you to try out the new version of the current CMS, by performing Free Demo migration and help to get a more detailed review on new Joomla features.

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